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A woman walks in an empty street as the 6 p.m curfew starts in Paris, Saturday Jan.16, 2021. The prime minister announced Thursday an extension of the 6 p.m.-to-6 a.m. curfew to cover the whole country, including zones, like Paris, where it previously hadn’t started until 8 p.m. Shopping and all outdoor leisure activities stop at curfew, only short pet walks allowed. Working and commuting allowed with note from employer. Food deliveries but not takeout allowed. Fines for curfew-breakers. (AP Photo/Lewis Joly)
Quanto un’ora di libertà in più può cambiarci la vita

Il coprifuoco è utile per contenere i contagi? Gli studi scientifici a confronto

In Italia vige il coprifuoco dalle 22 alle 5 del mattino seguente di oltre un anno. Ed è proprio questa […]

22 Apr 2021 - 22:31

A nurse holds a phial of the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine at Guy’s Hospital in London, Tuesday, Dec. 8, 2020. U.K. health authorities rolled out the first doses of a widely tested and independently reviewed COVID-19 vaccine Tuesday, starting a global immunization program that is expected to gain momentum as more serums win approval. (AP Photo/Frank Augstein, Pool)
L'anti allarmismo

La variante sudafricana rende il vaccino Pfizer inefficace, tutti i ‘buchi’ della ricerca israeliana

Il vaccino Pfizer non è sufficientemente protettivo nei confronti della variante sudafricana. E’ quanto emerso in uno studio israeliano ancora in […]

12 Apr 2021 - 22:12